The end

Sadly, all good things must come to an end. I launched Mailmanagr back in 2008 to scratch the itch that Basecamp (now Basecamp Classic) didn't have any sort of email integration. At the time, I think I was one of a dozen integrations available.

Others agreed, and Mailmanagr took off for a time. Mailmanagr went from posting messages, to messages, todos and milestones. It handled file uploads, it handled assignments, it handled due dates. Eventually, however, 37Signals rolled out their own email support, and Mailmanagr started to decline. A few loyal customers have held on and I left things running just to keep them rolling along.

Unfortunately lately, Mailmanagr has come under MASSIVE spam attacks. This has caused ridiculously high loads on the server, and quite often ground things to a halt. The last happened when I was away on vacation, and I wasn't able to catch it in time. It has basically completely killed the mail queue and the machine that hosts Mailmanagr. I've spent hours trying to get things cleaned up and back online, but I think this time it's dead.

What this means:

If you're one of the few paying customers still using Mailmanagr, your subscription has been stopped, and I've refunded you last month's charge. It would appear that Mailmanagr stopped processing messages on February 14th, 2014 (when a spammer dropped about 12,000 messages on it). I've tried to repair the damage and get things running again so that I could provide you with some runway to work something else out, but that doesn't seem to be working. I'm really sorry.

Thank you to everyone who used and provided feedback on Mailmanagr. It was a great experience!

Jonathan Lane